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An authority on human interaction and confidence, Anthony is one of Australia’s most booked corporate speakers. In a world that is constantly distracting us and fighting for our attention, being a better leader, influencer and communicator requires a unique edge.

Anthony Laye helps entrepreneurs, professionals and people just like you communicate and connect with confidence, meaning you will attract more clients, have more impact and live a more successful life.

Would you like to feel more confident in the way you communicate?

• The 9 elements of confident and influential communication
• Why cultivating your confidence is the key to success
• Practical communication tools that you will be able to start using straight away to increase your confidence and build trust.

University of Queensland Veterinary Graduate with over 15 years of experience from Australia and abroad. He has worked in general and speciality practice also emergency and as locum veterinarian. Shibly owns and manages three vet clinics and leads a team of 19 staff members.

The mentors new graduate veterinarians and helps them develop the skills required to successfully navigate clinical practice. Also coaches veterinarians to create profitable and sustainable veterinary practices. Author of the upcoming book – Healthy Pets, Unhappy Vets.

Are you truly self aware?
• What is self-awareness and the impact it has on yourprofessional success
• “What am I saying” vs “What are others hearing”
• How striving for continued development and improvement iscritical for gaining control of your life.

Why aren’t we all driving BMWs like they think we are?
We can, we just choose not to. In this session we go deeper into the fact that being wealthy is a choice:

• We look at the fundamentals of building wealth
• Priorities … what are the right ones and what boundaries you need to set
• Breaking down the stigma associated with being wealthy and the guilt we feel

After graduating in 2017 from James Cook University Queensland, Dr Brooke jumped head first into an emergency medicine internship in pursuit of her dream of becoming an emergency and critical care veterinarian. Brooke has already been a guest speaker at James Cook University and the University of Queensland. Her strong passion for teaching, and all things emergency medicine, has seen her once small veterinary Instagram grow to over 17, 000 followers within 18 months.

Brooke focuses on sharing an honest account of the highs and lows of new graduate life and overcoming failure – particularly after suffering from Imposter’s Syndrome herself. She also embraces the art of work-life balance and tackling veterinary concepts in a real-life clinical setting.

How to grow your Instagram
• Find your niche, then aim and FIRE!
• The key concepts for building your Instagram,– knowing your audience, content, authenticity
• All your questions answers – the value of the My Story function, the little apps that help, and, are hash tags really that important?

How to survive vet school and new graduate life
• Dealing with “failure” + Imposter’s Syndrome
• The three phases of mistake grieving
• How to move forward and not allow the fear of failure to hold you captive
• Achieving a balanced life-style – exploding the myth that in study, sleep and socialising – you can only have two

Emergency veterinarian and the founder and director of an after hours clinic in Perth, Western Australia . During two decades of being a practicing veterinarian across three continents he has become increasingly curious about how some people manage to build balanced and fulfilled lives around veterinary science. He has made it his quest to find out why.

Hubert divides his time between clinical and leadership roles at his busy practice, raising three wild boys, and researching, writing, mentoring and podcasting about non-clinical skills in veterinary science.

Golden nuggets from the Vet Vault
• What universal truths do our mentors want us to know?
• Find out what the people who have successfully walked your journey  have to say and much more.

It’s all about the people
• Vets who love being vets all agree: dealing with people is the best part of the job. So how do you turn interactions with clients and coworkers from something that can be the most challenging part of being a vet into your biggest source of joy?

Alex is a Director and Senior Emergency Clinician at Animal Emergency Service in Queensland. Her passion for helping animals and her work in the field of emergency pet care has led to her becoming one of the most well-known veterinarians in the country since taking on the role as one of the new Bondi Vets.

In her current role on the Animal Emergency Australia executive team, she is dedicated to strengthening relationships within the veterinary community and with pet owners, ensuring they receive the best experience possible.

Work-life-study balance
• We often feel overwhelmed and tired, and everything just feels like it is too much
• Using practical tools to identify the problem areas we learn how to make lasting change through developing the right habits.

Client Connection
• Empathy is just part of the story. Here we share the secrets of what clients want and dispel some myths about what we think they want
• We also share how to create a partnership with them and how this leads to win-win client interactions.

Gerardo is an emergency veterinarian and hospital Director at the Animal Emergency Service in Queensland. He is the coordinator of the AES Accelerate Internship program, a program designed to fast track the transition into the field of emergency and critical care.

He is the author of the MiniVet Guide To Companion Animal Medicine and creator of the Clinical Pathology and Radiology Flashcards. When not amongst the hustle of the hospital he mentors, coaches and aims to inspire the future generation of veterinarians throughout the world.

Finding your own way
• Finding your purpose is not easy, but in this session we guide you to seek clarity about what it is you want
• What are the main moves you need to take
• How to tackle to the obstacles you will face

System overhaul!
• The course has been set! Now we look at what we need to overhaul on the inside to set ourselves up for success.

Author and Psychologist

Positive Psych Solutions & Love Your Pet Love Your Vet

Dr Hamilton helps veterinary professionals get on top of stress and conflict to avoid burnout and suicide, and also works with practice managers and owners to increase wellbeing, productivity, and retention in the workplace. Dr Hamilton works tirelessly to advocate for veterinary wellbeing and the paradigm shift she believes is needed in order to facilitate positive change within the profession.

Resilience is the key
We all know that setbacks, failures and stress are a part of life. Resilience is a key factor in determining whether someone is overcome by it or bounces back. In this session we cover proven strategies to help you become more resilient so that you can bounce back from adversity powerfully.

Sarah Pallett is the guru of helping her clients build influence and get their message out there in the digital sphere. She has 18 years of experience in marketing and communications, with the last 8 years dedicated to content generation and social media marketing, working with an eclectic mix of global clients including veterinary, medical, beauty, finance, education and fitness.

Supercharging your Influence and Impact
In this session we look at the 6 steps you need to take to create your message, share your mission and build momentum so that you can achieve the impact you want.